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In recent years, I have witnessed with anguish the surfacing of a deadly heresy which lurks among certain counter-cult ministries and among churches of mainstream Christianity. It attacks and twists the very center of the true gospel of salvation as it is stated in John 3:16.

This sentence does not mean that the Word was “the God” (the Father) with whom the Word was from the beginning as stated in John 1:1,2. Clause (c) states one thing only: that the Word, the pre-human Jesus, was God by nature! To put it another way, it means that the essence of the “Word” is exactly the same as the Father’s.

Is the Sabbath-keeping part of the gospel of grace? Should the born-again Christians keep the Sabbath? Is the Sabbath keeping a test of faith and obedience to God? Does their salvation depend on whether they keep the Sabbath? Is the Sabbath the “seal of God”?

Dear Witnesses of Jehovah, I know that you like to think of yourselves as a group of people who appreciate the truth and who have the ultimate Christian conscience. I would like to bring to your attention my personal testimony which will address both of the above qualities.

Is the law of tithing part of the gospel of grace? The doctrine which exacts from a born-again Christian to tithe as a fulfillment of the Mosaic Law is alien to the New Testament and places the Christian under the curse of that law!

The Lord Jesus told His disciples that Satan would try to deceive them through false prophets and false anointed ones (Matthew 24:23-27). Have you examined the record of your religious leaders? Have you been deceived? Do you follow false prophets without realizing it? If you are a truth-lover, read this letter — especially if you are a Witness of Jehovah.

I feel that we must spend a little time here to remind these Brothers and Sisters in Christ the biblical truth of who they are in Christ and of the promise of the gospel of salvation.

The presence of a “Special Priesthood” among a people who make up a kingdom of priests, a royal and holy priesthood (1 Peter 2:5,9; Hebrews 4:16; 13:15,16; Revelation 1:6; John 4:24) is not only unscriptural; it is also ridicules, out of place and useless! If the King of kings were to return today, He would ask again, “Friend, how did you come in here?” (Matthew 22:12).